Namibia is the 9th largest diamond producer in the world, by value.
Namibia produces 95% gem quality diamonds.
The strength of Namibia's diamonds lies in the high value stones, ranking 2nd globally by dollar per carat.
Debmarine Namibia's annual production capacity is 1.4million carats.
Debmarine Namibia is the largest producer of diamonds in Namibia, by value and volume.
Debmarine Namibia accounts for around 70% of total diamond production in Namibia.
The mv Mafuta is the world’s largest marine diamond mining vessel.
The mv Mafuta accounts for over 50% of total Debmarine Namibia production.
Wave swells in the Debmarine Namibia mining licence area can reach up to 10 metres.
The biggest diamond produced by Debmarine Namibia was 80.3 carats.

Mining Methods

Method a - Air-lift Drill Technology
Method b - Crawler Technology

Two mining technologies are deployed to suite different ground conditions:

  1. the airlift-drill technology, which uses a 6.8 meter in diameter drill bit working in overlapping circles on the sea floor, and
  2. the crawler technology, which uses a 280 tonne track-mounted crawler dredging on the sea floor.

Four of the production vessels use the airlift-drill technology, whilst only one vessel (mv Mafuta) uses the crawler technology.

Mining takes place on the sea floor at water depths of up to 140 metres.